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Basic Income


Grow the economy

Not only could basic income address poverty, precarious employment and job loss due to automation and globalization, it could level the playing field for women. Read >>

Income for bottom 50% is declining

Over the last 20 years, real earnings for the bottom 50 percent of Canadians has actually declined. Share of national income has also declined by almost 30%.

Listen at time index 89:13 >>

Business Support is Strong

Those in the business community who understand the issues are almost overwhelmingly in favour of the basic income. Read >>


Deregulation of poverty

CEO of Pythian Vallée talks about how universal basic income reverses the trend of shifting power to capital, and deregulates people so that we can unleash entrepreneurship. Listen >>


Structural changes in the economy affecting you

If the economy fails to grow because people are stuck in precarious or low-income jobs, "we're all kind of in trouble," says Floyd Marinescu. Read >>


A Good Deal

The National Post calculates that poverty could be solved in Canada for as little as a three point increase to the GST. Read >>