1 - Automation

Automation is reducing middle income and high paying jobs.

Multiple studies show that half of all jobs are at risk of automation in Canada, US, and abroad. All studies caution at the hollowing of the middle class and creation of more low-paying jobs.

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When machines become workers, what is the human role?

"AI, robotics, virtual reality, IoT and sharing economy platforms — will create an enormous degree of labor displacement. To appreciate the scale of blue-collar displacement ahead from driverless vehicles alone, for instance, consider that driving is the single largest occupation of US men today. Even white-collar and creative work will be affected



2 - Globalization

Globalization has affected western countries middle class and is now affecting entry level millential jobs now too.

Manufacturing in Ontario contracted when China entered the global manufacturing market in the early 2000’s.

Over all globalization has brought costs down, but people in higher paying manufacturing jobs in western countries who have been displaced and have mostly taken lower paying jobs:

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Today people starting out in business operations jobs, graphics artists, administration and coordination jobs, etc, are competing with people ½ to ⅕ their salary on open global labour markets like Upwork.com & Fiverr.com

3 - Transition to Part time

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