The following list of signatories are CEOs, presidents, co-founders, and business owners of midsize, large and mostly privately-owned Canadian businesses, who supported our initial letter to Premier Ford on October 18, 2018. The combined corporate revenues of these signatories exceeds CA$2.3 billion per year. 85 per cent of these businesses are based in Ontario and the average annual revenues per company is CA$19 million. A diverse range of industries are represented here, with only one third of the of signatories in the technology sector. Additionally, a number of primarily Ontario-based small business owners also signed this letter, and have been included separately from these statistics further down on this page.

Michael Tamblyn,, Canadian success story in e-books, audio-books and e-readers

Melissa Austria, GotStyle, Casual, social, and business wear stores in the GTA

Josie Rudderham,, From scratch bakery, using local ingredients for better food

Steve Ballantyne,, Premier beverage manufacturer

Alon Ozery,, We make natural pitas, flatbreads and alternative buns sold in North America.

Chris Ford,, Business and Technology Consulting and Implementation Services for the Financial Services Industry

Jayson Gaignard, MasterMindTalks,   Entrepreneur Community Events

Sol Orwell,, Unbiased analysis of nutrition research

Lori Kennedy, wellnessbusinesshub,
Coaches alternative health professionals to start and grow their practices online

Diamond Nasser,, Technology services and investment fund

James Tonn (CoFounder),, Audiobook Publisher;, Global acclerator for startups alleviating suffering and expanding human potential

Mathieu Lachaîne,, We accelerate the transition to sustainable housing

Craig Morantz,, Plant-based, nutritionally dense, ridiculously tasty snacks that get people from one meal to the next

Jeremy Choi,, We Help Athletes Dominate Their Sport And,, We create a world of comfort for people suffering from pain

Tuan Nguyen,, Practice advisory and Marketing for Dental Groups

James Perly,, E-learning

Bob Vaez,, Event App and Event Management Software for Conferences and Meetings

Dan Go,, We help high achieving women get into their best shape with ease and minimal stress.

Tony Kanjirappally,, We're Hackers.

Jean-Sebastien Leroux,, IT & Engineering Consulting Services

Pat Crosscombe,, Board management software for condos and non profits.

Bradley Brodkin, Digital transformation, Cloud and automation solutions and services

Sachin Patel,, Functional and Lifestyle Medicine Consulting Services

David Suydam,, Innovation firm building digital products and enterprise systems

James Mackenzie,, NordikLeaf is a holistic cannabis company that is inspired by life’s experiences

Alan Smithson,, Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality (XR) for business.

Josie Rudderham,, From scratch bakery, using local ingredients for better food

Heidi Somfalvi,, We create custom made one-of-a-kind portrait paintings for families to pass down for generation

George Schnarr,, We provide sales tools for the building products industry

Colin Darcel,, Manufacturer of cleantech recycling technologies.

Allan Wille,, We help everyday people make informed and timely business decisions.

Martin Lyster,, Technology to help PR professionals identify and connect with media influencers, as well as monitor and analyze media.

Darryl Ballantyne,, World's leading global lyrics licensing body

Adam Gellert,, Hiring and HR services.

Brandon Houston,, Video marketing company working with startups to Fortune 500 companies

Anna Hu,, We let anyone into nearby cameras in iconic locations.

Kirk Simpson,, Financial software for small businesses around the world.

Peter Faist,, Staffy is an on-demend staffing marketplace for the hospitality industry.

Rory McCaw,, We help create companies implement Microsoft software

Nick Kindler,, Speaker Development, Speaker Representation and Event Curation

Steve Hulford,, A media & technology company that tells stories about History, Geography, Science and Culture

Mike Garnett,, AI powered financial audit

Jonathan Becker,, Digital marketing agency.

Priyen Sondagar,, Technology organization focused on customer experience innovation

Katrina McKay,, Business growth consulting & business support/VA services for entrepreneurs and enterprises

Rebecca Palmer,, Online entrepreneurial accelerator and community

Trevor Newell, SHOP.CA Network Inc. (Sold in 2016) it was Canada's 1st eCommerce Marketplace

Lynda Simmons,, Air pollution control products

Lowell Aronoff,, Comparative illustrations and analysis of financial products in Canada and USA

David Billson,, Traction is an impact marketing firm

Dylan Horvath,, We provide industrial design, engineering, and manufacturing services for companies in high tech and med tech.

Heather Blenkiron,, Galapagos is our only destination

Ryan Doherty,, Digital health platform that empowers patients & healthcare providers with tools that improve access to healthcare.

Grant Higginson,, Search Consulting, Web Analytics, PPC Management

Jonathan Brun,, A regulatory compliance solution for environmental, safety and quality requirements.

Paul Sehr,, Leading provider of Point of Sale financing provider for home services in Canada. Fintech pioneer in Canada

Tyler Tomlinson, RJ Brown Insurance Broker Inc, Property and casualty insurance brokerage

Jim Estill,, Appliance Manufacturer

Peter Neal, Neal Brothers Foods, food brand & distributor of natural/organic foods.

Audrey Mascarenhas,, Clean air technology company focused on the clean combustion of waste gases to improve air quality and reduce green-house gas emissions

Kelsey Ramsden, Belvedere Place Developments, Civil Construction Company

Floyd Marinescu,,  QCon: Global Software Developer Conferences and InfoQ: Online Developer News

Paul Vallée,,  Pythian is a leading data-centric cloud services provider

Genevieve Zizzo,, Health care services

Dev Basu,, Digital Marketing Agency

Mike Brcic,, "#1 Mountain Bike Tour Company on Earth" - National Geographic Adventure

Kurtis McBride,, 21st century traffic intersection control products

Caitlin MacGregor,, Combining industrial-organization psychology and AI to measure human potential and predict on the job success.

Daniel Demsky,, We sell men's travel apparel online to over 90 countries

Farid Kassam,, Technology innovation consultants. 

Steve Hulford,, We produce videos about humanity.

Tamas Perlaky,, Data integration for retail, logistics, and manufacturing.

Sunil Sharma,, The world's largest technology accelerator and startup investor

Stu McLaren,, Training and software for membership and subscription based services.

Tehsin Bhayani,, We design and build apps for the world's best startups and brands

Marty Kratky-Katz,, We help publishers recover the revenue they lose to adblocking

AJ Byers,, Data Center Services

Stephanie Karlovits,, Full-service holistic movement and lifestyle facility offering private health-care to the Ottawa community and beyond.

Peter Sandiford,, Software for Cloud applications management

Ray Minato,, We help entrepreneurs design and manufacture their dreams

Alfred Jay,, Developer of insights platforms for market research

Thomas Savundra,, Sync is a cloud service that makes it easy for users to access and share their files from virtually any computer, phone or mobile device - without giving up their right to privacy.

Jonathan Voigt,, We provide cloud software to help companies manage and build their brand online through their website and other digital properties.

Michel Falcon,, Restaurant/hospitality

Lori Kennedy,, The WBH coaches alternative health professionals to start and grow their practices online.

Andrei Calinescu,, GTA Healthy Meal Delivery

Ashley Proctor,, Global Coworking Unconference

Libby Wildman,, Financial & Estate planning with specialized insurance as tax solutions.

Deepthi Guttikonda,, IT consulting company that develops SaaS products as well. We recently sold our most successful SaaS subsidiary called Fast Forms to Formstack in October 2017.

Keith Stoute,, IT consulting and products for not-for-profits.

Anthony Mar,, Cliniconex is a patient experience company

Jason Atkins,, Channel Success Platform.

Ilya Brotzky,, We help tech talent get jobs abroad

Moshe Lokshin,, Building Communities in Condominiums through better communication

Derryn Shrosbree,, Financial services - insurance solutions

Elliott Bayev,, Holistic Life Enhancement Through Martial Arts

Mark Hebert,, Musical instrument retail.

Cal Misener,, We help other businesses grow through supporting the growth of their people

Eli Fsthi,, Find errors on financial data

Barbara Jesson,, Marketing and communications agency

Ahmad Iqbal,, We build tools for small businesses.

Greg Betty,, Leader in Agile software development consulting services

Dionysios Synodinos, Software is changing the world. C4Media - provider of and QCon conferences - is dedicated to serving the world-wide enterprise software development community with a place to track and facilitate change and innovation.

Will Anderson,, Integrated Risk Management Software

Andrea Sampson,, Speaker development, event curation and speaker representation

Vlad Kolarovtoonz,, Licensing of cartoons and illustrations

Jeremy Potvinjp,, Cannabis retail

Mark Jaine,, We engage the global workforce in social responsibility.

Mark Robins,, Online National Legal referral service and legal directory serving Persons in need of Canadian Legal help globally.

Megan Rafuse,, Canada’s leader in making mental health care simple, relatable and actionable through therapy, workshops and education.

Chris Yec,, we build fun games for mobile phones and bring together a community of fans.

Rogelio Cazares,, Supplier of rental equipment to film companies

Neil Wainwright,, UpHabit is a mobile personal CRM dedicated to our users and their relationahips.

Govindh Jayaraman,, We help hospitals build engagement and results in Qualuty Improvement Initiatives.


Small Business Signatories

Carol Schulte,, Professional speaking, live events, coaching & consulting

Lara McCulloch,, Fractional CMO

Tahani Aburaneh,, All things Real Estate Investing

John Reid,, A not for profit innovation association

Aydin Mirzaee,, Fellow is a manager's co-pilot.

Danny Shao-Chan Tseng,, Architecture, interior design, and design-strategy firm

R. Andrew Smith,, Industrial energy efficiency consulting

Mina Reydman,, Full service Tax, Accounting, Bookkeeping company geared exclusively to the small business owner.

William Stewart,, Management consulting for industry, government, and non-profits

Josh Leslie,, Helping healthcare evolve faster via SaaS that streamlines research oversight.

Theresa Laurico,, Gathering of over 1000 leaders for People.planet.prosperity

Ron Tsang,, Helping introverts deliver more successful presentations

David Groff, Smackerel Corp, User Experience design services

Bobby Fikree, MacGyver Consulting

Mark Goh,, We provide wireless charging for commercial spaces

Kathleen Farley,, Independent record label based in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada4000

Rosemary Russell, Rosemary Russell and Associates, This was a sole proprietorship, and a home-based business. Coaching, facilitation and training services.

Aïko Thurlow,, Masterminds for entrepreneurs

Donna-Marie Henderson,, Vacation rental

Robert Cram,, Landscape Architecture/Sculpture

Marcus Rader,, SaaS company in the vacation rental industry.

Graeme Luey,, Commercial Art Gallery supporting emerging artists.

Margee Shelly, Cornerstone Life TherapyCounselling, coaching and support groups.

Robert Vanderheyden, Bikes, Kites and More, A Small retail store

Corey Wadden,, App Development Company

Vicki Jacob,, Quick printing and document finishing services

Katrina McKay,, Business growth consulting & business support/VA services for entrepreneurs and enterprises

Meghan Telpner,, Online cooking school and certification program.

Josh Gitalis,, Clinical Nutrition and Functional Medicine Consulting and Teaching

Lisa Berkovitz,, Aligned Leadership Coaching and Consulting

Don Gibbs,, Consulting to small and medium size technology business

Bailey Vaez,, Proactive Movement provides workplace wellness programming for the corporate community

Brian Simpson,, Coaching clients to make the changes in their life necessary to live their “Best Life”

Stefan Tochev,, Marketing research project management for qualitative healthcare studies

Timothy Grayson,, Digital transformation thinking and consulting

Jessie Golem,, Amplifying the stories of grassroots organizations through visual storytelling

Roy Pereira,, Automated AI assistant for all employees

Dave Buchanan,, Skateboard Retail

Marcus Rader,, SaaS company in the vacation rental industry.

Seany Flatt,, A community and platform for futurists and foresight professionals.

Fergus Baird, (self-incorporated), Copywriting and digital marketing services

Sundaura Alford-Purvis,, Independent landscape design business.

Penny Mesa Smith,, Travel Accommodation Service & Resort for special interest groups/life celebrations.

Carole Ferrari, Motherdough Mill and Bakery, Farmers’ market and wholesale baker and miller of breads and pastries. A team of five.

Gilleen Pearce,, Dog walking company serving downtown Toronto (team of 10)

Sue Theriault Valinsue, Self employed, Private practice international board certified lactation consultant-in home prenatal/postnatal help

Joshua Cameron,, We offer 3D printing, game console repair, and controller customization.

Colin Pearce,, Managed IT and Cloud Services

Kathleen O'Grady,, Media and political strategy for think tanks, non-profits and politicians, including traditional, new and social media reach

Bronwen Bruch,, Financial Divorce Specialist and Mediator

Louise Gravelle,, Consulting and administration for mechanical contracting companies